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Symbol Yacht for sale and I hate to see it go!

In ‘2006 my best friend Ron purchased a Symbol Pilothouse Yacht and gave it the name Imagine. I didn’t realize at the time what dimension that such a purchase would give his or really both of our lives at the time. Ron described the boat to me first over the telephone and I became increasingly anxious to see and to feel its ride. I went down to Miami and the first time that I saw Imagine I was overwhelmed. The sheer size of the boat 69 foot was impressive but the interior with the cherry wood throughout , soft cushioned leather upholstered chairs and incredible navigation equipment on the bridge, I really was not prepared or I did not know that a private yacht could be like that, or that magnificent.

We took Imagine out into the Atlantic Ocean accessing the sea first from Governor’s Cut in Miami. Seeing the huge mansions on the famous Star Island, South Beach Condominium developments and Fisher Island was amazing. But when we put on the powerhouse stereo which was specially augmented so that even while cruising the sounds of our favorite Classic Rock groups were crystal clear and made the experience unforgettable.  In the main cabin a 32″ flat screen television would mysteriously with the touch of a button rise from the cherry wood console, and with a drink from the state-of-the art bar we could talk about our experiences of the adventures on Imagine as they were being formed daily.

Each time that we docked groups of people would appear and to take pictures of the Yacht and the passengers which they must thought had to be special people being on such an impressive Yacht. I really felt like I was “somebody” while on Imagine, quite a good feeling.

Imagine became my friend’s home away from home. The bathrooms were also paneled with cherry wood and the showers were state of the art complete with pulsating hand held shower massagers. I was in heaven!  My cabin was equipped with a queen sized bed that was a pleasure. The ride on Imagine was extra smooth due to the stabilizers that my friend had added as another extra.


Now after many incredible times on Imagine having it built in ‘2006 sadly he decided to sell Imagine. His loss will be the gain of some new owner who I am sure will enjoy the exquisite details that this boat has throughout on all three levels, from the top deck complete with a kitchen and barbeque, to the bridge one flight below the  but this time with a complete kitchen complete with granite throughout and down to the main quite expansive salon with upholstered furniture tables and another bathroom and equipped luxury bar, then to below staterooms one with bunk beds the other with queen, and for my friend a king sized stateroom with a master bathroom. Other boats similar to his have been listed for sale for as much as ,300,000 and to construct the boat new today would mean spending with all of the extras a cool ,000,000  plus! But he has listed Imagine for the Yacht now for the modest price of ,440,000 to inspire a quick sale during these  economic times. Refer to the website dedicated to Imagine for more details about Imagine.

As a novice not knowing anything about boats I began speaking to other yacht owners and yachting enthusiasts. They would immediately tell me that the yacht manufacturer Symbol is quite thorough in its attention to detail and are really a much better “bang-for-the buck” that other boats of much higher prices for instance, Marquis 65 , Azimut 68, Johnson 70, Hargrave 68, Offshore 72, Hatterus 64, Hampton 68, are nice, but there is no comparison with Symbol Yachts at such affordable pricing.

When John Lennon wrote Imagine he was inspired to think how things could be in an optimal existence, never would he Imagine that a boat would be built evoking the same feelings.

I will miss how Imagine blissfully parted the ocean waves for us and how it snapped us into a mystical voyage into an experience that would reinforce our friendship. Luckily I still have my best friend here to enjoy our lives together, and fortunately we now have the richness of memories that we could have only experienced together on the “mystical magical mystery ship” Imagine. I will cherish those memories forever.

To see Imagine in all of its glory go to this web page: at you will find contact information for the broker Jason Dunbar who is an expert on Imagine and Symbol Boats. Imagine is a Symbol Pilothouse 69′ Yacht that has impeccable details throughout. Imagine was designed by Jack Sarin a renown yacht designer.

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