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testimonials of 31 ft Camano pocket trawler .Heres a new boat were sure is going to generate plenty of interest among boaters big enough to comfortably cruise just about anywhere, yet small enough to be easily handled by a couple; fast enough to get from point A to point B in a reasonable amount of time with plenty of additional power on demand to handle adverse wave or sea conditions, yet fuel efficient enough to make that time not cost prohibitive; pretty enough to satisfy even the most die-hard traditionalist, yet not requiring the excessive upkeep time so many “character” boats do. And all of this is a high-quality well-built package. The Camano 28, built by Camano Marine of Delta, British Columbia, is indeed an interesting boat. The Camano 28 was designed by Bob Warman to achieve two highly laudable attributes: a performance, fuel-efficient yacht with a good 12-knot cruising speed (with even higher speeds up to 20 knots available in a pinch) and a boat with a good re-sale value. It looks like Bob may have hit the target right on the bullseye. First, theres the Camano 28s unique hull design, what Warman calls the “Keelformī›š Hull” a semi-displacement, variable deadrise, hard chine, flatplaning hull with a very wide waterline beam and an abnormally large displacement keel. Performance-wise, this hull shape allows the Camano 28 to move from displacement to planing speeds with little of the “hump” in the horsepower curve seen on most displacement designs. In other words

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